Wealth planning for a transparent environment

For the last couple of years, a wind of transparency is sweeping over the developed world. New agreements on information exchange and requirements for disclosure in the financial industry have the potential to expose details about your wealth and put your assets at risk.

Regulations such as FATCA, CRS and BEPS are targeting illegal activities such as tax evasion and money laundering, but many legitimate structures will also be affected by the new regulations.

It is getting harder to open a bank account and you must supply your current bankers with a vast amount of information to retain your existing bank accounts.

For those of you who have complex structures with holding companies and trusts, you might be at risk of having your bank accounts closed or blocked due to banks being more restrictive in light of the new regulations.

Here at Provident Partners, we have decades of experience in designing and maintaining wealth structures for affluent families and entrepreneurs.

As per your needs, we create fully compliant and highly efficient wealth structures that are designed to survive for generations.

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