Team Provident

About us

When choosing Provident Partners, you choose to work with a high energy wired team with an entrepreneurial mindset, experience and dedication in advising successful people.

Over the past 30 years we have been gathering a vast experience in wealth guarding and privacy protection to benefit the families, entrepreneurs, high and ultra-high net worth individuals seeking sustainable ways to protect their wealth and privacy. As an independent firm, we combine a classic wealth structuring experience with new and innovative tools to create solutions for those currently stuck in a structure that doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. If you are thinking about revising your current structure, or about to set up a new structure, our knowledge will save you substantial amounts of time and money.

We add an armour around your wealth and secure your privacy. This means that the network of advisors, banks, lawyers and asset management firms you have built during your journey is a great resource for pivoting your current structure to a solution perfectly matched for your future needs. It’s a cooperation that finally means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Each client, advisor, associate and team member of Provident Partners brings a level of expertise and experience invaluable to the longevity and growth of our customer relationships. Where other’s may see threats, we find opportunities. Moving forward with joint effort, these opportunities are successfully realised and executed.

Who we are