Privacy Protection

Privacy protection

Wealth attracts both wanted and unwanted attention. Depending on the level of privacy you and your family desire, details of your wealth may be kept a well-preserved secret. Disclosure can never be completely avoided, but can be kept to a bare minimum with the right tools. By separating part of your wealth from your own private assets, disclosure of your identity need only be made to a small number of professionals.

For the last decades, now outdated structures such as holding companies, trusts and foundations has been popular among affluent families and entrepreneurs as means to privacy protection.
Such structures have in the last years been scrutinized by the authorities and the media and may, if they are still in place, cause more damage than good and you stand the risk of ending up in “Panama Paper”-like contexts.

The only sound approach given the wind of transparency sweeping the world, is to opt for a structure that is fully compliant and transparent in the eyes of the authorities, while still efficient to protect your privacy from other interested parties.

We can design a wealth structure that gives you the following benefits:

  • Wealth protection – Your wealth is safe from creditors and fraudsters etc. and cannot be seized by creditors
  • Privacy protection – Only a few parties will need to have knowledge of your wealth and what investments you make
  • Estate planning – The most advanced and flexible estate planning tool available
  • Transparent – A legal and complaint wealth structure
  • Portability – No need for pre-migration tax planning and restructuring if you move to another country

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