Moving to Portugal?

Are you considering moving to Portugal and maximising the outcome of the assets put aside for you retirement? You are not alone with those thoughts and plans. We are not alone among the advisors looking to guide during the process. However we are quite unique with this knowledge:


Sweden + Cyprus + Portugal = the ultimate combination for a Swedish company owner moving to Portugal

Over last few years Swedes have been enjoying favourable taxes on pension savings when retiring in Portugal.

For those with employment pension savings, there’s a pretty straight forward process when moving to Portugal. We have associates who will take care of the process for a fee that you can’t obtain from traditional advisory firms such as the big four audit firms.

Pension + assets in an AB
Do you have a combination of pensions from a former employment, pensions savings provided in your own company and taxed assets in an AB? If so, you need some additional advice before making the move to Portugal. There are substantial savings to be made for you and your company in this case.

Due to the double tax treaty between Cyprus and Portugal, you as a successful Swede can optimise the outcome of your pensions, your private portfolio of assets and the assets in your AB in an optimal way with our help!

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